The Skin of Our Teeth is a play written by Thornton Wilder. It is about Antrobus family, consisting of George (father), Maggie (mother), Henry and Gladys (children), and the maid, Sabina. This play consists of three acts.

Act I is about the time before Ice Age. Sabina is in the house, talking about George and complains about her script (as the actress). Maggie tries to keep her household warm. George then comes home and lets some people, Homer, a doctor, Moses and three of the Muses, to stay at his house and kicks Mammoth and Dinosaur away. After George is reminded of Abel (George's son killed by Cain, who changes his name into Henry), he loses his temper and throws his tantrum, so Gladys and Henry calm him down with something good about them. Act I ends when George tells Henry to recite the multiplication table, and tells Maggie to recite the Genesis of the Bible.

Act II is about the Great Flood. George is the president of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Mammals, Subdivision Humans, and Sabina is portrayed as a beauty queen. Sabina seduces George and steals him from Maggie. There are also other conflicts in Antrobus family. As the disaster is coming, George and Maggie, as well as the children, reconcile and gather a pair of all kind of animal into a great boat (like the legend of Noah's Ark). Act II ends when the great disaster comes.

Act III is about the time after a war. Maggie and Sabina survive, and it is revealed that Gladys has a baby. Henry appears, weary and tired, so Maggie takes care of him. When George appears, it is revealed that Henry and George are foes. Sabina helps them stop the fight, saying they (the actors) shouldn't play the scene. George and Henry reconcile. George then says that he loses his will to make a new beginning. After George finds that his books are saved, his will for a new beginning is revived. Finally, Sabina is back to the house (like the beginning of Act I), saying that the end of the play isn't written yet, George isn't home yet, and says "good night" to the audiences.

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