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Positioning Bed in Comtemporary Bedroom.


The bed is always the focal point in a contemporary-style bedroom so proper positioning is everything! While a minimalistic platform bed was once only available in a few styles, today you can find them in a wide variety of colors, some open underneath, others closed off. They typically do not have a headboard but if there is one, it’s usually quite basic.

So, with how simple these platform beds are, how do they demand so much attention? It’s all about the position in the room! A bed in a contemporary room can be placed in the room’s center but most people find they appreciate the security of a wall behind them. When placed against a wall, it should be a large solid one that can house a nice piece of art. It really should never be positioned under a window or in direct line with the door and you absolutely do not want to have a bed under a beam. It is suggested that the weight of a beam overhead can cause headaches and disrupt sleep patterns.

Draw More Attention

If you really want to zoom in on the bed, turn tall dressers or shelving so they are positioned kiddie corner, this allows them to be on an angle facing the bed. As a last tip, contemporary styling is minimalist but it is all about balance so if you have a lot of sharp lines including your bed, dresser, television, etc., consider adding a round nightstand, piece of art, rug or even a bean bag chair to bring an equal balance to the room.


Sometimes we want our bedroom to be more than just a place to sleep. If we are multi task oriented, we desire to complete all our daily tasks before leaving the bedroom, and hence we can even convert it into a multi- purpose room.”

It can be tough to strike a balance when it comes to your children’s rooms. On one hand, you want them to be happy – on the other, you’ve got to remember that they’ll outgrow their obsession with nailing posters into the wall but your walls might not so easily recover.

When redecorating your children’s rooms, you can maintain the overall modern look of your home while giving them the colors, vibrancy and fun they’re looking for.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Safety. Whether your child is five or fifteen, you can’t have too many potentially breakable items in their room, or you might end up with more of a mess than a redecoration on your hands
  • Storage. Kids have toys, books, CDs and loads of other things they tend to hoard in their room. While their closet is a good space for this, you might want to think about extra storage under the bed or by installing hooks in the wall.
  • Comfort. Although your children might want black walls or a small but stylish desk, you’ve got to remember that they’ll be using the room to play with friends, study and sleep.
  • Style. The big one for all of us interior aficionados. Any color scheme can be incorporated into your children’s rooms, but be sure that it is something they won’t grow out of within a year or two. And you can minimize costs while maintaining style if you renovate only the linens, bedspread, curtains and the like – keep the basics (the bed, the desk) as they are, and just dress them up!

If you can balance your desire for a modern home with some (but not all!) of the requests your children make of you, you’ll have a versatile, pleasing child’s bedroom that they will hopefully love for years to come – saving you on having to do another redecoration a year down the road!


Smooth, cool and modern. This Italian-inspired nightstand combines rich, brown chocolate leather with the icy cool of a glass top to give you a sophisticated accent piece that will be right at home next to your modern platform bed. Featuring two drawers, chrome accent handles and white stitching, everything about the Crono Leather Nightstand is ultra modern while maintaining a long-lasting classic look. Any decor that is contemporary, modern, or minimalist in inspiration would welcome this classy piece of furniture with open arms. You’ll find the Crono Leather Nightstand

When decorating a modern bedroom, most people start with the bedroom set. A 5- or 7-piece ensemble that is perfectly matched in espresso wood or white veneer. And there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, if you’re looking for a way to create your bedroom from scratch – without relying on a pre-fab bedroom set – we’ve got some great tips.

A mix-n-match bedroom can look simply stunning, and it will always be unique. The first rule of thumb, as with any interior decorating you do, is to let your senses guide you. Style guides, trends, and advice are all well and good, but it is your home, so you should have final say.

When choosing individual bed frames, dressers, mirrors, nightstands, benches, tables, curtains and other accessories for your bedroom, you want to keep color, texture and materials in mind.

For instance, if you’re going for the shabby chic look like the image above, you’ll probably want some rubbed bronze, worn or exposed wood, distressed finishes and otherwise antique-looking textures. Or, if you want to do the ethnic eclectic look, you might want to choose texturized and colorful fabrics and natural finish woods.

It can help if you have an interesting base from which to sprout your unique bedroom set ideas as well. Exposed brick, like the image above, inspires all sorts of creativity, as does an oddly shaped room or an eye-catching floor.

Designing your bedroom without the help of a bedroom set can be daunting, but you’ll feel like a true champion designer when you’ve pulled together a jumble of furniture and created a harmonious room from scratch.


Wallpapers have been getting a bad rap in the modern interior design world lately. Paint seems to be all the rage, while wallpapers are relegated to “older” styles. But that’s not necessarily the case.

Your bedroom could benefit from a fresh layer of wallpaper, if you’re looking for a way to bring some life to your walls.

The patterns of modern wallpaper simply can’t be matched by an understated, simple coat of paint.

For instance, the wallpaper in the image above features tasteful and delicate bare trees with birds interspersed throughout the branches. The rich brown background and gilded gold trees is simply stunning, and adds a lot of depth and detail to the walls, which would otherwise likely be a flat brown.

You can also use wallpaper in a more minimal sense. By using wallpaper on only one wall of your bedroom, you can incorporate a much bolder pattern and draw the focus of the eye towards the accent space. If you do choose a bold pattern, just be sure it isn’t completely overwhelming.

As your bed will likely be the centerpiece of your bedroom, you want to be sure that the wallpaper doesn’t detract from the bed or other furniture, but instead it should compliment the contents of the room.

Wallpaper will likely make a comeback in 2011, so if you want to get ahead of the curve, go ahead and experiment with some bright, bold and beautiful wallpaper today.